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Teacher Assaulted By Grade 6 Pupil

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This has never happened before. That’s what teachers and parents whose children attend Seegoolam Torul Government School in Rose Belle are saying.  A 43-year-old teacher was called names before being physically assaulted by a grade 6 pupil, who also told her, “Monday mo pou guett twa, mwa ek mo bann kamouad”.

The 43-year-old teacher, who teaches Creole at the school, is traumatized by this bitter experience, and especially by having been humiliated in front of all her colleagues and schoolchildren. On Friday August 18, at around 1.30 p.m., he was at school when a group of grade 6 pupils caused a disturbance on the second floor.

She and a group of teachers immediately went up to the second floor to disperse the crowd; one of the pupils approached her to insult her, then hit her on the head with both hands. The other teachers intervened and this pupil tried to pull his clothes off.  In the end, the boy threatened her, “Monday mo pou guett twa, mwa ek mo bann kamouad”.

Injured and suffering head pains, the teacher went to Rose Belle’s Jawaharlall Nehru hospital for treatment.

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