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Soviet Union

‘Doomsday Clock’ Set To 90 Seconds To Midnight, Fearing Nuclear Threat

The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists set the "Doomsday Clock" much nearer to midnight than ever before on Tuesday, saying threats of nuclear war,...

Russia And China Conduct Joint Naval Drills, Learn Submarine Capturing Skills

Russia and China have concluded marine drills in the East China Sea, after participating in week-long joint exercises, wherein they learned skills like capturing...

US National Archives Releases Confidential Files On JFK Assassination

The United States National Archives on Thursday made public thousands of documents in connection with the 1963 assassination of then-President John F Kennedy, immediately...

Artemis I Mission: NASA’s Orion Capsule Comes Home, Completes Moon Flight

NASA's Orion capsule blazed through Earth's atmosphere and plunged down into the Pacific Ocean on Sunday after making an uncrewed journey around the moon,...

Former Soviet Premier Mikhail Gorbachev Dies At 91

Former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev, who ended the cold war peacefully, has died. He was 91. Gorbachev was famously known for opening up the Soviet...

Putin Revives “Mother Heroine” Title For Women Who Bear 10 Children

In an announcement last week, the Russian President, Vladimir Putin, renewed the Soviet-era title of "Mother Heroine" due to the demographic crisis and the...

Putin Visits Iran for Talks With Ayatollah Khamenei in Rare Trip Abroad Amid Ukraine War

Russian President Vladimir Putin will be in Iran on Tuesday to meet with with Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. This is first trip by...
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