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Reform Party

Reform Party: Roshi Bhadain To Conquer Young Voters

The Reform Party leader Roshi Bhadain wants to win over young voters and he made this clear at his party's convention in Mahebourg on...

Bhadain: “Ken Arian Must Go”

For Roshi Bhadain, leader of the Reform Party, the anonymous letter shows the government's way of doing things. "It shows the modus operandi. I...

August – Month Of Political Tides? : The Concerned Showing Their Motivations

Is August going to be a month of political tides? In any case, several dates have been announced and it seems that both the...

Reform Party Goes Solo!

Change in the Opposition. It will be up to l’Entente de l’Espoir for a reform. 77.5% of the delegates voted for a split with...

Roshi Bhadain Charged With Conspiracy To Commit Larceny; The Police Did Not Object To His Release On Bail

The arrest of Roshi Bhadain is due to the theft of wood belonging to the state. A provisional charge of conspiracy to commit larceny...

Bhadain To Send The Angus Road Case To Various International Institutions

The leader of the Reform Party held a press conference on Monday. Roshi Bhadain explained that his team and the Avengers are reviewing the...

Roshi Bhadain: The Situation Has Gone Out Of Control

"The social and economic situation in the country has spiraled out of control and will get worse in the coming weeks or months," said...
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