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Soodesh Callichurn Hopes The Industrial Court Will Consider Madame Babboo’s Case As Soon As Possible

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Press conference by Soodesh Callichurn and Subhasnee Luchmun-Roy of the MSM at the Sun Trust on Saturday morning.  Minister Soodesh Callichurn commented on the case concerning the seizure of the assets of eleven individuals and three private companies, ordered by the Supreme Court in the action brought by Stanford Asset Holding Ltd, a Seychelles-domiciled investment fund, and its subsidiary Greenway PCC, registered in offshore Mauritius. The case of the dismissed Air Mauritius employee was also raised at the MSM press conference.  Labor Minister Soodesh Callichurn reiterated his support for Yogita Babboo, who is contesting her dismissal from Air Mauritius in the Industrial Court.

“From day one, we have treated this case with impartiality. I wish Mrs Babboo good luck and hope that the Industrial Court will examine the case as soon as possible”, added the Minister.

Present at the press conference, MP Subhasnee Luchmun-Roy focused on the fight against drugs. She pointed out that 80% of the recommendations of the Commission of Inquiry on Drugs, chaired by former judge Paul Lam Shang Leen, have been implemented.

“This battle is not just the government’s, but concerns the whole nation. We are delighted that the Prime Minister is establishing a close relationship with young people. It is regrettable that members of the opposition are giving in to demagoguery,” she lamented.

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