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Sherry Singh Was Released On Parole Yesterday, He Will Be Paying His Bail Today

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Although he was granted a Rs 200,000 bail, he was released on parole this Wednesday! Arrested once again, but this time for giving instructions to delete computer data, the former CEO of Mauritius Telecom was released after appearing in court in Port-Louis.

Given that the court cash register was due to close, Urmila Boolell, Sherry Singh’s lawyer, asked that her client be released on parole and pay his bail of Rs 200,000 today, Thursday. Her request has been granted.

He has been provisionally charged with giving instructions to commit a crime. When the police did not object to his release on parole, Sherry Singh was released on bail of Rs 200,000 and an IOU of Rs 500,000.

He is accused of having acted in complicity with Nirmala Ramjhuria, former Chief Human Resource Officer, and Salim Raja, Senior Officer Information System, to erase electronic data on a laptop belonging to the organisation. One of the conditions imposed by magistrate Prashant Bissoon is that he must not have any contact, direct or indirect, with Nirmala Ramjhuria.

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