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Rs 102 Million Of Cocaine Discovered At Poste Lafayette And Ferney

Members of the Major Crime Investigation Team (MCIT) from the South Division arrived on the public beach at Poste Lafayette late on Monday afternoon...

Sherry Singh Was Released On Parole Yesterday, He Will Be Paying His Bail Today

Although he was granted a Rs 200,000 bail, he was released on parole this Wednesday! Arrested once again, but this time for giving instructions...

Sherry Singh Under Arrest By MCIT For Alleged Destruction Of Electronic Data

The former CEO of Mauritius Telecom, Sherry Singh, was arrested early on Wednesday afternoon after being questioned "under warning" by the MCIT. This police...

The First Part Of Rama Valayden MCIT Hearing Has Ended

Rama Valayden was summoned by the MCIT on Wednesday to be heard as a witness. His summons follows the LPM/RM platform's evening congress in...

Mauritius Telecom’s Senior Information System Officer Arrested

Salim Raja, Senior Officer Information System at Mauritius Telecom, was arrested by the MCIT on Thursday. He has already been provisionally charged of "conspiracy"...

Dominique Raya Questioned On Tuesday

Dominique Raya was questioned as a witness by the MCIT. She was accompanied by Me Veer Beeltah. She was questioned as a witness on...

One Of Polico Crapo’s Singers Summoned By MCIT

Ivan R, whose real name is Ivander Jummun, one of the singers of the song 'Polico Crapo' was summoned to the Central Barracks on...
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