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Sherry Singh Details Facts But Keeps The Evidence

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He will most certainly be called by the CCID very soon. Especially after his appearance on Axcel Chenney’s show on the Express.mu entitled Sherry Singh’s Other Step. He didn’t say it, but throughout the interview, he gives the impression that he has human, computer and visual evidence from CCTV, but that he can’t present it due to the fact that an investigation has been opened on his person.

Sherry Singh on his second shot

Indeed, the PM revealed that he had filed a complaint against Sherry Singh on Monday, July 11, and even revealed his version of events in chronological order in parliament during the PMQT. On Tuesday evening, Sherry Singh went on the Presidium’s program to tell the public his version of events and this chronology with the firm belief that the people will know who is telling the truth and will understand who not to choose.

Sherry Singh moves on to the next stage against Pravind Jugnauth after 17 years of friendship with the Jugnauths. The big question of the show, who is telling the truth? Sherry Singh came forward a second time, after the program Au cœur de l’info with Nawaz Noorbux on Radio Plus broadcast live on Teleplus on Friday 1 July.

Survey or Sniffing?

Sherry Singh, in a more than 100 minutes, went straight to the point by alleging that the illegality of this ‘survey’ from start to finish and that he had to act under pressure following direct instructions from the Minister of Home Affairs who ordered him to give access to an Indian team. “On April 14, a representative of the PMO and the technical team consisting of the team leader and a gentleman with a large moustache came to meet my CTO and me at my office at Mauritius Telecom. Mr. Moustache, from this conversation, it seems according to him that an analysis of the network to know the devices to be installed on the cable will be carried out. As long as there is interception, the term “sniffing” is applied,” said Sherry Singh, stating that such an operation was impossible without a legal framework, without formal instructions, without a competent and certified body and especially without formal instructions from the South Africa Telecom Consortium. He recalled that the South Africa Submarine Landing Station in Baie-Jacotet is under the management of South Africa Telecom and where the largest traffic on the main SAFE cables are housed, explaining in passing the reason for the very high physical security by the Special Mobile Force and the security of the technological installation. “The representatives agreed and the meeting ended on a cordial note,” he said.

The PM’s phone call

Pravind Jugnauth phoned him the next day ordering him to allow access despite all the reasons he could give. He says, “I was under pressure from the Minister of Home Affairs who was flying to India the next day to meet his Indian counterpart. The team was already ready to move for the Survey. The conversation with the Prime Minister lasted from 10:18 to 10:23. I made it clear to him that I would not allow any installation of any device and that I could not take that responsibility. Pravind Jugnauth replied that he would take the responsibility and that he would have to make arrangements for me. I mandated my CTO with orders to make sure that the team did not install any devices. They entered the facility at 12:59 p.m. and exited at 6:52 p.m. I watched the CCTV footage,” he said. He specified that if he stayed from April 15 to June 30, it was to “accumulate my evidence and make my notes well, because I was going against a PM and all his armada. I would submit the evidence in the framework of the investigation in time and place during the investigations” he stressed.

To make any intervention, including here a Survey on SAFE cables, it is necessary to go through procedures that could have taken 14 days to be decided by the consortium. He also pointed out that there was the connection of a device during this survey that lasted 6 hours and that there are automatic traces recorded.

Sherry Singh in conclusion made known that he has irrefutable proofs without giving the exact nature and background of these proofs, except for the clues around. He concluded by saying that he is not finished with the PM and is confident that he will win the legal battle with the evidence gathered during the last days within the MT as CEO.

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