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Seychelles: Former President Shares Message on 45th Independence Day

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‘We have to ensure continued sustainable development for the betterment of our motherland and its people’

The Independence of Seychelles 45 years ago came amid a backdrop of uncertainties and challenges. It also presented a unique opportunity to leave the colonial era behind and forge ahead with our own government to lay the foundations for a free, successful and proud nation. One which guarantees social justice, equality and liberty for every Seychellois.

“The stakes were extremely high but we were determined to succeed as a Sovereign Republic. We have worked tirelessly to transform our society through the democratisation of health, education, welfare services, land and housing ownership, to name but a few. We have moved from a mostly agriculture-based economy at Independence to a diversified one today with tourism, fisheries and financial services as the pillars. We rank very high on the Human Development Index, we have the highest GDP per capita in Africa and we are one of the only two African nations to be classified as high-income economies by the World Bank.

“Our post-Independence achievements through people-centred development have earned us the respect and admiration of the international community.

“As we celebrate this auspicious anniversary let us pay tribute to the founding fathers of our nation, namely former Presidents James Mancham and Albert René. We also remember the many Seychellois men and women who not only fought for our political and economic independence and then contributed meaningfully to maintaining it.

“45 years on, we still have a lot to accomplish in this dynamic world order. It is somewhat ironic that just like at the birth of our nation, its 45th anniversary celebration comes during a time of great uncertainties and challenges of global proportions. Just like in 1976 then, we have an opportunity to come together as a nation to protect our people and its accomplishments. We have to ensure continued sustainable development for the betterment of our motherland and its people. Our resilience has stood the test of time and we have always come out victorious in the face of difficulties. I am convinced that together we can do it for the love of Seychelles, for the love of our children and for the sake of our future generations.

“God bless you all! Happy 45th Independence Day!”

James Michel

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