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Presidential Pardon: Madagascar Releases Thousands Of Convicts

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Madagascar celebrated its 61st year of being independent from France on 26 June last.

Every year, the President of Madagascar releases thousands of criminals who have been convicted by the courts. This is the prerogative of mercy exercised by the President of the Republic of Madagascar. And this year, more than 10,000 out if 13,000 prisoners are to be released. Those who are not concerned by this decision are murderers, rapist, and embezzlement of public funds and those found guilty of illegal trade of rosewood.

Such decision is likely to decrease the overpopulated prisons of Madagascar where Human Rights activists claim it is one of the most inhuman prisons in the world.

According to World Prison Brief, Madagascar has about 25 000 prisoners. The official capacity of the prison system is put at 10 600. In view of that, the occupancy level is over 237 percent.

Amnesty International has previously warned that the unjustified and excessive use of pre-trial detention was keeping thousands of people in life-threatening prison conditions.

The group is advocating for the release all pre-trial detainees whose detentions are unjustified, arbitrary or prolonged – including those held for petty offences.

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