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Security Guard Arrested For Theft Of Over Rs 300,000 From A Supermarket

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For six months, systematically between 2 am and 3 am, there were power cuts at the supermarket M in St. Croix. This is what its manager, a 55-year-old resident of Riche-Terre, noticed when he looked at the images of the surveillance cameras. This fifty-year-old then decided to order an inventory in his warehouse. The loss was colossal. Several cans of beer, bottles of beer and bottles of whiskey were taken. The amount is Rs 357 900. Louis Christian Roger, 53 years old and living in the locality, the security guard who works in this supermarket during the night until the next morning has been arrested.

The manager of this supermarket went to the Abercrombie police station in St. Croix on the morning of Wednesday, December 29 to report a case of theft. In his complaint he pointed the finger at this security guard who takes his shift at 7 pm each day to finish the next morning at 7 am. By viewing the images of the surveillance cameras, this supermarket manager had to note that regularly between 2 am and 3 am there were power cuts. This situation aroused his suspicions and led him to order an inventory in his warehouse.

The findings were overwhelming. Ninety-eight packs of 330 ml beer cans, seventy-five packs of 500 ml beer cans, twenty-two cases of Goodwill rum, sixty cases of 650 ml beer bottles and twenty-five one-liter cans of Leader brand whisky. The whole is estimated at Rs 357 900.

Christian Roger was arrested during the day on Wednesday 29 December. Subjected to an interrogation this suspect denied the accusation formulated against him. This Thursday, December 30, he was brought before the court of Port-Louis. He was then taken back to the police station in Plaine-Verte.

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