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Schools Closed Due To Covid: End Of Physical Classes!

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Faced with this alarming increase in Covid-19 cases, the Ministry of Education has officially announced on this Tuesday evening, the closure of pre-primary, primary, secondary and higher education institutions. Online classes will once again replace face-to-face classes as from this Thursday 11 November.

1856 positive cases since October 18

In the last few weeks, we have noticed that there is an increase in positive cases in the community, which is also reflected in schools and educators. Since 18 October, we have counted 1856 cases in all sectors and sub-sectors from pre-primary to tertiary institutions. The risk of transmission may further increase, and it would be preferable to continue online classes instead of face-to-face classes. The rectors of the schools will be summoned on Wednesday to organize the online classes,” said the Education Minister, Leela Devi Dookun-Luchoomun,

Back to online classes

Classes will resume online and in a more organised manner as from Thursday morning. The student portal on the MBC channels will be dedicated to Grades 7 to 9. For students in Grades 10 to 13, the courses will be online. On Wednesday 10 November, the Heads of Schools will meet with the Minister to better organise the end of term classes. This will be a day off and students will be exempted from all classes.

 Vaccination campaign postponed

The Pfizer Vaccination for 15 to 18 years will also be postponed to a later date, following this urgent decision by the Ministry of Education. The Ministry of Health will circulate a new schedule for those concerned by the vaccination campaign that was to be held on 10 November.

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