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Saint Jean Cemetery Reopens to Visitors from Friday 08 March

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The Fabrique de Saint Jean is pleased to announce the reopening of the cemetery to visitors as of Friday, March 08. This decision comes after intensive rehabilitation work to bring the cemetery up to safety standards, made necessary by the recent damage caused by another flood on January 15.

The cemetery site also suffered significant damage, forcing La Fabrique to reinforce the measures already in place to ensure visitor safety. The authorities will begin work on Broad Avenue as soon as the wall on Old Moka Road is completed, which is progressing well and should be finished on schedule.

Despite the difficulties encountered, not least the need to reassess the damage to graves damaged by the flood, La Fabrique is maintaining its commitments to its concessionaires. Talks are still underway with the authorities.

The conditions for reopening, already established, remain in force. La Fabrique de Saint Jean stresses the crucial importance of strict compliance with these measures for the safety of all visitors. 

It is emphasized that La Fabrique accepts no responsibility whatsoever in the event of non-compliance with the established secure zones. Visitors must scrupulously follow safety instructions to prevent any incident.

However,  any activity outside of regular cemetery operations requires the prior agreement of La Fabrique de Saint Jean. This includes taking photos or videos inside the cemetery.

For further information or specific requests, please contact the cemetery office.

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