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Roche-Bois Police Station: A Police Sergeant Assaulted By A Policeman

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A police officer reportedly didn’t appreciate it when a police sergeant under whose orders he was working on the evening of Tuesday March 26 told him he was going to report him because he was sleeping during his working hours. Vexed, the officer assigned to the Roche Bois police station punched the sergeant before shoving him. Injured, the sergeant went to the Dr. A.G. Jeetoo hospital in Port-Louis with a form 58 for treatment.

On the afternoon of Wednesday March 27, the sergeant gave a statement at the Roche-Bois police station alleging that he had assaulted the policeman. He explained in detail the circumstances of his assault. It was 9:37 p.m. on the evening of Tuesday March 26. The sergeant was on second shift.  While he was in the charge room, he saw the officer in charge of cell surveillance sitting on a chair, asleep, his head resting on a table. When he informed him that he was going to report him on this matter, without any explanation this policeman started punching him before shoving him. Although he was not injured, he says he felt pain in his body.

He took form 58 to the hospital for a check-up. After receiving treatment, he was able to return home. He named as witnesses two other police officers who were on duty that evening.

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