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Ajit Boolell : We Must Have More Democracy In The Running Of The Country

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The former Director of Public Prosecutions was one of the guests of the conference organised by Rezistans ek Alternativ this Saturday on the necessity to have a Constitutional Reform.

Satyajit Boolell explaianed that too much power lies in the hand of the Prime Minister who decides on all nominations. He said that the political system is at fault for this..

He added that we have a sort of ‘polical patronage’ which gives rise and encourages corruption. “The PM has as much power as would have a president of the Republic in a presidential system,” he added.

He deplored that nominations are not being made on meritocracy and that nowadays even on the Electoral Supervisory Commission, political croonies are being nominated.

He said that a Constitutional Reform will help have more transparency and democracy in the way the country is being run. People should jave their say and participate, he insisted.

He also asked for a debate on the role of the President and the necessity to keep the Best Loser System and the Privy Council as the highest court of justice in Mauritius.

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