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Rave Party: “Publish The List Of Those Arrested And All Those Who Were Present”, Insists Paul Bérenger

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The MMM held a press conference on Saturday. One of the subjects raised by Paul Bérenger was the police raid on a rave party in Fond du Sac a few days ago. The MMM leader alleged that shady things were going on after police officers turned up at the rave party. According to him, the whole affair is shocking, with the police, in his view, not objecting to the release of the suspects, whereas they tend to object all the time these days.

Paul Bérenger suggested that there had been telephone calls after the police raid. According to him, the MMM is following the case closely. “It’s shocking and suspicious… The list of those arrested and all those who were present must be published”, sais Paul Bérenger.

Bérenger: “The electoral tidal wave will in favour of the Labour-MMM-PMSD alliance”

Paul Bérenger returned to the political developments he predicted yesterday at the meeting of the PTr-MMM-PMSD alliance, which he described as a great success. He did not want to say more. He did say, however, that when he spoke of an electoral tidal wave, it was in favour of the opposition alliance which, he insisted, was here to stay. “Let’s wait,” he said on the political developments.

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