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Ramgoolam: I Have No Problem With Bodha

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The PTr leader met with Ashok Subron and a delegation from Rezistans ek Alternativ on Tuesday. After the meeting, he held a press briefing and replying to the journalists, he said that he has no problem with Nando Bodha. “I am focusing on the priority for the country. It is that the sooner we get the MSM and Pravind Jugnauth out of there, the better. That is my priority. If that is the case, I cannot dwell on other things,” he said. And Navin Ramgoolam added that Nando Bodha is currently in the opposition and, as such, they are on the same side.

Patrick Assirvaden wants a debate with Minister Lesjongard

The president of the Labour Party faced the press on Tuesday where he commented lengthily on the increase of energy price. He asked for a debate with Minister Joe Lesjongard on the issue. « It’s important to have a debate on the subject. I am ready and willing to have one with the Minister,» he said.

MP Patrick Assirvaden added that the debate should also be based about the Central Electricity Board. He said it would be useless to ask for a commission of inquiry to be set up as the government would choose people close to him to do the job.

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