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Protestors Throw Soup At Mona Lisa, Demanding Right To “Healthy Food”

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French environmental protestors demanding the right to “healthy and sustainable food” have thrown soup at the Mona Lisa, which is protected by glass.

Located in the heart of Paris at the Louvre, this 16th-century painting by Leonardo da Vinci is among the most well-known pieces of art in existence.

According to the Louvre, the piece was undamaged and protected behind glass.

Two female protesters can be seen in the video tossing the liquid while sporting T-shirts that say “food counterattack”. Next, they pose before the painting and utter: “What is more important? Art or the right to healthy and sustainable food? Your agricultural system is sick. Our farmers are dying at work.”

Subsequently, they witness museum security installing black screens in front of them prior to the room being cleared out.

The stunt was attributed to a group named Riposte Alimentaire (Food Counterattack). It said in a statement published on X, the former Twitter, that the demonstration was an action to include “food into the general social security system”. According to the statement, the existing food model “stigmatises the most precarious and does not respect our fundamental right to food.”

The Salle des Etats, the location of the artwork, was evacuated, according to the Louvre, and reopened to visitors at 11:30 after some cleaning.

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