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Ahead Of Olympics, African Migrants Removed From Paris City Hall Forecourt

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Numerous migrants, including families with small children, were removed from the Paris City Hall forecourt by French police on Wednesday as the city got ready to commemorate 100 days until the opening of the Olympic Games.

About fifty people—mostly women and children between the ages of three and ten—who were huddled into strollers, wrapped in blankets, or covered in plastic sheets to protect them from the rain were taken out by police as morning broke.

The refugees boarded a bus in the eastern French town of Besançon, where they were placed in temporary government lodging after packing their possessions.

Concerns have been raised by aid organizations that the action taken on Wednesday is only the start of a larger push by Parisian authorities to remove migrants and other rough sleepers from the city before to the Olympic Games without offering longer-term housing alternatives.

Olympic officials have stated that they are collaborating with relief organizations to identify solutions. Assistance organizations like Utopia 56 have given food, blankets, and diapers to the needy while also assisting some of them in finding short-term housing for a few nights.

A large number of the families are from French-speaking African nations, such as Senegal, Burkina Faso, Guinea, and the Ivory Coast.

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