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French PM Says State Will Sue Teenage Over Headscarf Removal Claim

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French Prime Minister Gabriel Attal has said that the state will sue a young girl for lying about her headmaster hitting her during a heated argument because she was wearing an Islamic head covering.

In compliance with French legislation, the headmaster insisted that the student take off her head covering while in class.

Following death threats on social media, he announced his resignation.

After the killing of two teachers, the threat posed by Islamists to French schools is being treated very seriously.

French secondary school teacher Samuel Paty was decapitated on a Paris suburb’s street in 2020 while five months prior, Dominique Bernard, a French teacher at Gambetta-Carnot school in Arras, was murdered at his Arras school.

The head teacher of a Paris school, whose identity has not been made public, made his choice known to colleagues at the Maurice Ravel Lycée, located in the 20th district of Paris, via email on Friday.

“I have finally taken the decision to quit my functions out of concern for my own safety and that of the establishment. I leave after seven years, rich and intense, spent at your side, and after 45 years in public education,” he wrote, thanking his colleagues for the support they had shown him over the past three weeks.

The event occurred on February 28. The head teacher instructed the three female students that they had to remove their head coverings in order to comply with the legislation. There was a fight with one of the three girls apart from whom the other two girls complied.

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