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Prime Minister Chairs First Task Force Meeting On Père Laval Pilgrimage

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The first ministerial meeting of the Task Force on the forthcoming Father Laval (Père Laval) pilgrimage was chaired, yesterday, by the Prime Minister, Mr Pravind Kumar Jugnauth, at the Lunch Room of the National Assembly, in Port Louis.

Several representatives from Governmental institutions and the Sainte Croix parish were present to discuss and share their proposals as to the advent of the pilgrimage. The aim was to ensure that the Father Laval pilgrimage is held in the best possible conditions.

Addressing the Task Force, Prime Minister Jugnauth said that several representatives from different organisations are meeting to organise the Père Laval pilgrimage which will be held on 08 September 2023. He pledged that Government would take on board the proposals raised by the various socio-cultural representatives so that the pilgrimage is held smoothly. He added that a site visit will also be held to take stock of all the arrangements that are being carried out.

During the meeting, Dr Husnoo listed the arrangements being made for cleaning, scavenging and lighting facilities. The Mauritius Fire and Rescue Services will also be on standby and the City Council of Port Louis will be responsible for the cleaning of drains, bare lands, painting of hand rails, and provision of lighting facilities.

The Tourism Authority will likewise carry out painting of the church and the Père Laval shrine.

Prime Minister Chairs First Task Force Meeting On Père Laval Pilgrimage

Minister Ganoo highlighted that public transport facilities will be provided to pilgrims adding that buses will be available every 10 to 15 minutes till 2h30 in the morning. Buses from Curepipe, Vacoas, Quatre Bornes, and Rose Hill to the Victoria Urban Terminal and vice-versa will be provided. From Victoria Urban Terminal to St Croix, buses will also be made available. As regards Metro Express Ltd, services will be extended till 1 am on 09 September 2023 from Curepipe till Place D’Armes, Port Louis.

As regards public utilities, Minister Lesjongard informed that a team will be on stand-by on the eve and on the day of the pilgrimage. The Central Electricity Board and the Central Water Authority will provide temporary supply and water tankers respectively.

Minister Ramano stated that general cleaning, upgrading and embellishment works will be carried out and that new gates will be constructed. For infrastructural works, the Road Development Authority will carry out cleaning and slab levelling in several areas.

As for the Police Force, the representatives said that they will work according to the Plan made for the Père Laval pilgrimage. The site will be divided in five zones and the main objective is to ensure the security of the pilgrims.

As for Dr Jagutpal, he underlined that medical services such as SAMU and ambulances will be present. He called on the population to be vigilant, especially regarding dengue, adding that larviciding will be carried out. He underlined that food inspectors will also be present to check the quality of food that will be distributed.

Père Sunnassee from the Sainte Croix parish, also present, said that the event is a national one and suggested that a case study be done as regards the relooking of the aisle of the Père Laval.

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