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Pravind Jugnauth: “Mauritius Never Intended To Relinquish Its Sovereignty Over Agalega”

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Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Mauritian Prime Minister Pravind Jugnauth jointly inaugurated the new airstrip and jetty on the island of Agalega on Thursday, February 29. At the same time, six community development projects were also inaugurated on Agalega Island. Pravind Jugnauth was present on the island, while Narendra Modi participated via videoconference.

In his speech, Pravind Jugnauth insisted that there had never been any question of the State of Mauritania relinquishing its sovereignty over Agalega. “Contrary to what some people think, there has never been any question of turning Agalega into a military base”, he added, before denouncing the “Indian-bashing campaign” that continues. The airstrip and jetty at St James, he insisted, are the property of the State of Mauritius.

Joint Inauguration of the new airstrip and jetty on the island of Agalega

For Pravind Jugnauth, history is being made this Thursday. “This is a historic moment for Agalega and Mauritius. Politicians have talked a lot in the past. But actions have not followed. I am proud to have made your dream a reality,” said Pravind Jugnauth.

He added that the people of Agalega need not wait weeks to travel to Mauritius or Rodrigues.

In his speech, Narendra Modi spoke of the need to strengthen maritime safety and foster socio-economic development. He also spoke of relations between Mauritius and India. He listed a series of projects financed by India for Mauritius.

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