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Pravind Jugnauth : A Special Thought For The People Affected By The Cyclone

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At a press briefing held yesterday, Prime Minister Pravind Jugnauth, who was surrounded by Joe Lesjongard, Maneesh Gobin and Renganaden Padayachy, respectively President, Secretary General of the MSM and Minister of Finance, addressed several important issues raised at the MSM Political Bureau meeting at the Sun Trust Building in Port Louis.

The head of government said that the cyclone has brought a lot of rain and caused significant gusts across the country. He added that he has a special thought for the people who are affected by the cyclone. We have carried out a follow-up, set up a committee to monitor the situation and made the necessary arrangements despite the damage, which damaged infrastructure and agriculture and affected the farmers and fishermen of our countries,” he added.  He also stressed that the government continues its work to help the sectors that are affected, but also the fishermen of the island.


Regarding the Covid-19 pandemic, the Prime Minister expressed his satisfaction that the population is becoming more and more aware of the importance of the ‘booster dose’. Pointing out that Omicron would be more contagious, he said that our citizens, especially the elderly, who are more vulnerable, will have to take the necessary precautions, which will save their lives. He thus appealed to Mauritians in general to administer their ‘booster dose’.

On the other hand, the Prime Minister affirmed that the government is taking ‘steps’ so that a greater number of Mauritians can be vaccinated, in particular young people from 5 to 11 years old.

40 years of the MSM

In addition, the MSM leader announced that next year, his party will celebrate its 40th anniversary. We have been in existence for 40 years and preparations are well underway. A committee is working to celebrate this event to celebrate the contribution of the MSM for the progress of the country during its existence,” said Pravind Jugnauth who added that he spent 27 years in government during which there were several initiatives to further develop the country.

The Minister of Agribusiness and Attorney General, Maneesh Gobin said that the MSM Political Bureau has received many requests for membership.

He said that after Salim Abbas Mahmode, the PB has endorsed the membership of Roshan Seetohul (PMSD), Vinay Sobrun (MMM), Atma Bumma (Ex-MP), Pratibah Bholah (Ex-PTr), Gaytree Dayal (Ex-MMM) and 2 young people in this case,y Kamlesh Seechurn and Javed Kadarun.  The new members will be introduced in due course.

At the time of the questions, Pravind Jugnauth answered that the Morisian Alliance has always respected the Court, the regulations and the laws of the country, especially when it comes to the holding and the results of elections.

He even recalled that he had accepted the verdict when he was not elected for lack of 38 votes. Mo ti accepted the verdict”, he added.

Regarding the loopholes, the Prime Minister said that the Electoral Commission will investigate the matter.

The Ministry of Finance will release a sum of Rs 600 million

For his part, the Minister of Finance, Renganaden Padayachy, announced that the government will release a sum of Rs 600 million to help and alleviate the problems faced by Mauritians after the cyclone in our country.

This amount is distributed as follows Rs 40 million under the Prime Minister’s Relief Fund, Rs 60 million for the planters and Rs 500 million for the repair of infrastructure and others.

He also pointed out that the Development Bank (DBM) will launch a Restoration Fund for farmers and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) that are affected by the cyclone Batsirai.

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