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PM Jugnauth Addresses The Nation On Speculations Surrounding The Alleged Sniffing Scandal

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The Prime Minister addressed the nation last night to explain the Jacotet Bay case and the speculations and allegations surrounding it. In a short but crisp speech, he reassured the population that all the allegations against him and his government were false and asked people not to get involved in hysterical debates over the issue. This is PM Jugnauth’s first national statement against the accusations plaguing him and his government.

“I am addressing the nation on the alleged sniffing scandal. Each time, I see that some people continue to engage in demagoguery at the expense of the country’s image and tarnishing the good work of the government. As a PM, I am not supposed to render public matters concerning National Security. But I found myself compelled to expose them as a result of the deliberate, calculated and irresponsible actions of some who will have to take responsibility later. As Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior, I am responsible for National Security.  And last year, my office had some information about security on our communication network. This led me to give instructions to set up an independent survey by specialists. There were exchanges between my office and the former CEO of Mauritius Telecom. In April 2022, there was a technical survey by Indian technicians, who were accompanied by MT technicians, at Jacotet Bay. This team was recommended by the Indian government through our National Security Advisor. It should be noted that since 1983, India has been collaborating on National Security matters, except for the period 1995 to 2000 when the then PM called in an Englishman. To sum up, there was a National Security problem, and I called on India. When I hear the insinuations and allegations of interception of e-mails, telephone conversations and infiltration of bank accounts, I am frankly ashamed. They are dragging the country’s reputation into the mud, damaging our image and our relations with other countries. Their allegations have no basis and that is why they hide behind the media to make a film instead of going to the authorities concerned. I have always been respectful of our institutions and our democracy, which ensure our peace and security. That is why I handed the case over to the Police to let the institutions work on it. I also learn that Mauritius Telecom (MT) has also initiated an investigation into all the transactions under the direction of the former CEO. I call on the population not to rely on rumors and fall into the trap of those who are power-hungry and who clearly aim to destabilize the country. This is a dangerous move and in no time, they can destroy what has taken 54 years to build.  What I have mentioned today, I have already detailed before in the Parliament and to the press. Today, I wanted to reassure all Mauritians that these accusations are totally false. Everything I do as the Prime Minister is in the interest of the country, the people, and our children. I know that a majority of the population does not believe in this fuss. But I appeal to the population not to get involved in these hysterical debates. My government and I are focusing our attention on the challenges of overcoming the consequences of Covid 19 and the war in Ukraine. I am calling on everyone to lend a hand to get through this difficult situation that the whole world is going through. This is our priority. Long live the Republic”.

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