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North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un Replaces Top General, Calls For War Preparations

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Amidst a call for further preparations for a possible war, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un replaced the military’s top general, said state media KCNA on Thursday.

Kim’s calls for preparations were made during a meeting of the Central Military Commission. The Commission talked about counter steps to prevent enemies of North Korea, the media report said. However, there was no mention of who was the enemy.

The report only mentioned that China’s highest general Chief of the General Staff Pak Su Il was “dismissed.” Pak Su was in the position and served the army for seven months. Kim has replaced Pak with General Ri Yong Gi, who is China’s former defence minister, as well as the top commander of its conventional troops.

Ri is also a former army chief of staff. He was dismissed in 2016 and his unseen attendance from official events created suspicions in South Korea that he might had been executed. The announcement of his new senior post made everyone believe he was alive when he also reappeared some months later.

The report listed Kim’s expectations of growing military weapons. It did not describe Kim’s aim for increasing weapons production capacity. He advocated for the production of more artillery, missile engines, and other weaponry during a visit to a weapons factory last week.

Kim can be seen pointing at Seoul and its surrounding regions on a map in pictures issued by KCNA.

The United States has charged North Korea with supplying weapons, including artillery rounds, rockets, and missiles, to Russia for its conflict in Ukraine. Both North Korea and Russia have refuted the assertions.

According to the source, Kim also urged the military to practise using the nation’s most modern weaponry and equipment to maintain its troops prepared for battle.

On September 9, to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the Day of the Foundation of the Republic, North Korea is planning a military parade. Paramilitary organisations are used by North Korea to reinforce its armed forces.

Between August 21 and August 24, the US and South Korea will conduct military exercises, which the North views as a threat to its security.

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