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Navin Beekarry Earns Rs 650,000 A Month According To Xavier-Luc Duval

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The Private Notice Question this morning focused on ICAC. The Prime Minister insisted that ICAC’s performance could not be assessed solely based on the number of convictions obtained. For, he said, it is the DPP who is responsible for prosecutions, and it is the judiciary that decides whether or not a conviction is obtained. However, the Prime Minister did not answer the question on the remuneration of Navin Beekarry, the Director General of Icac. He referred the opposition leader to the Parliamentary Committee. Xavier-Luc Duval then asked the question: “Can the Prime Minister confirm that the Director General of ICAC receives a sum of Rs 650,000 per month? That’s three times the salary of a judge! The Prime Minister did not confirm or deny this. Xavier-Luc Duval also criticised the performance of the ICAC. He indicated that for the last 4 years, the commission had only obtained 13 convictions. Moreover, for derisory amounts. Pravind Jugnauth countered by drawing a parallel between the figures for the periods 2006 to 2014 and 2015 to 2023. Xavier-Luc Duval then called for the dissolution of ICAC and its replacement by another body. The Prime Minister pointed out that the bill for a possible Financial Crime Commission is being prepared. This body will be an umbrella for all organisations working against corruption and money laundering.

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