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Music: Two New Albums For Sky To Be!

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Sky to be will launch two albums this year. The first one will be dedicated to Sega, while the second one will renew the artist’s relationship with Dancehall. Sky to be will also release Lamour enn zafer sakre on Valentine’s Day.

The year 2023 will definitely be the year of Sky to be. The artist started the year well with Amore mio in a feat with the singer Gloria: “It is important to know that Gloria is the niece of Laura Beg. Being close to the Ramanisum, when Alain’s brother-in-law suggested I perform this song with Gloria, I immediately said yes. This project dates back to 2018 and I’m very happy with the hit it’s making.”

Gloria - Sky to be
The duo Sky to be and Gloria is currently a hit.

But 2023 is just beginning and the artist has plenty of projects in the cauldron: “For Valentine’s Day, I’m going to release Lamour enn zafer sakre. Then, there are also two albums in the pipeline – a sega album and another one dedicated to Dancehall. I’m also going to cover international hits and put them in my own style, as I did when I started.

Commenting on the misunderstanding between him and Wenn Vibes of the group Joker Kartel, the artist replies: “He did not understand what I meant. But, there will be a big surprise in the next few months. It could be that 666 Armada and Joker Kartel will work together on a musical project. At the moment, I can’t say any more.”

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