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Music: Kill’yann Sings About Love

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At 16 years old Kilian Bouf – Kill’yann of his artist’s name – already has a single to his credit. Available since 17 August on YouTube, the track Vre lamour is currently making its way to the radio stations. Interview.

For a long time, he hid from those close to him that he had a real passion for singing. Singing in secret with his cousins, Kilian had no choice but to talk about it once his secret was out: “I’ve been writing my own lyrics since I was 12. My first audience was my cousins, in fact we used to sing together, and it was they who finally told my parents, especially my father, that I had potential.

Pleasantly surprised when he heard his son sing for the first time, the young artist’s father encouraged his son: “My father encouraged me to pursue this path. He bought me a microphone and then a computer so that I could compose my instrumentals and put my voice on them.

Gaining confidence little by little, Kilian finally entered the studio this year: “I took advantage of my holidays in Mauritius to record Vre Lamour. It’s a mix between zouk and kizomba. It was my girlfriend who inspired the song.”

The young artist promises more singles soon: “I am into zouk, reggae and reggaeton. Four more singles are currently in the works,” says Kilian.

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