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Music: Kafrine Séga, The New Single From Yoni And Tirousha

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The duo Yoni Sauterelle and Tirousha Caromboyaram are back with a new single. This time they head for La Réunion with the track Kafrine séga.

Hénry Rotile

Available since August 18, Kafrine séga is written by Laurent Marjolin: “Laurent is a former member of the group Echos des îles – for which I am responsible. He now lives in La Réunion, and it was he who suggested I do the song. I then asked Tirousha to sing it as a duet with me. She agreed, and together we recorded the song. Kafrine séga is the 3rd duet we’ve recorded together,” explains Yoni.

Playing on all the local radio stations, the song is just as popular with the diaspora: “Kafrine séga is also gaining in popularity with the Mauritian diaspora. As proof, the song is very much in demand on webradios that broadcast Mauritian music.”

In addition, the duo will soon be flying out to the sister island to promote the track: “Negotiations are underway, and it may well be that Tirousha and I will be heading for Reunion Island to make it better known to the Reunionese public,” explains Yoni.

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