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Mobilisations For 1st May Rally Of Alliance Morisien

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It will be in Vacoas on the theme ” Rassembler nou avanser “. The leaders met with the press on Wednesday, April 26, at Sun Trust. Joe Lesjongard, president of the Mouvement Socialiste Militant (MSM), expressed confidence that he would be able to gather a crowd “worthy of a May Day rally” next Monday as part of the Labor Day celebration. He announced that a wreath-laying ceremony is planned for this Sunday, April 30, on the samadhi of Sir Anerood Jugnauth at Pamplemousses Garden, Sookdeo Bisoondoyal Square and St. John’s Cemetery.

Joe Lesjongard also focused his speech on the various conventions organized last year across the country to mark the 40th anniversary of the MSM. Focusing on the May 1st meeting and reacting to rumors of resignation of members of the Muvment Liberater (ML), he said: “We are preparing and mobilizing our troops for the Vacoas meeting. The government is doing its job in the interest of the population. The same goes for the Opposition, but this does not mean that there is rapprochement between the two camps. He called for more vigilance on the part of the press so that it does not lend itself to the games of rumors based on futile photos.

Tania Diolle, the representative of the Mauritian Patriotic Movement, said: “We must logically celebrate May Day, which represents the struggle of workers. We cannot throw away the memory of the great tribunes such as Rozemont and Anquetil. The government has given true dignity to the workers of this country, worked and protected Mauritians despite the emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic and other economic challenges that the country is facing.”

Muvmen Liberater Toolsyraj Benydin said, “There has never been any tension between the ML and the MSM. We have always walked together. Mem dan ML mem zot ti pe dir ena problem entre nou mem me nou trouv ankor bann nouvo pe adere pe vini.” He did not mince words about the leaders of the Opposition who would be using pretexts to not hold the May Day rally. “But the people are not stupid, even if the opposition is creating a mess between the MSM and the ML. The government is making a lot of efforts and sacrifices to improve the quality of life of Mauritians and move the country forward.” He said that all the partners of the Morisian Alliance are present in the meetings as well as in the mobilization campaigns for the May Day rally.

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