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Linion Moris Officially Launched By Rama Valayden And Nando Bodha

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Linion Moris ! This is the name chosen by the leaders of the extra-parliamentary parties that have chosen to unite around Rama Valayden and Linion Pep Morisien. The new formation comprises the LPM, the Rassemblement Mauricien, the Ralliement Citoyen pour la Patrie and the Verts Fraternels. The logo is a five-colour flag: white, red, blue, yellow and green. The launch has just taken place.

Four political parties have come together to form this movement. Rama Valayden’s Linion Pep Morisien, Nando Bodha’s Rassemblement Mauricien, the Ralliement citoyen de la patrie (RCP) and Sylvio Michel’s Verts Fraternels.

Members and their positions of responsibility within the platform were presented. “Creating a new state and bequeathing to the country a new generation of politicians”, is what the new platform advocates..

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