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Linion Moris Against Sim Card Re-Registration

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Linion Pep Moris, held a press conference, yesterday to comment what is going on in the country. Neena Ramdenee, talk about the latest Health report which is damning fot the ministry. For her, It is imperative to restore the confidence of Mauritians who use public hospitals. She also commented the deplorable storage conditions of food products in the warehouse of the Dr. A. G. Jeetoo Hospital. Nadho Bodha talked about drains and the management of drains around the country. He pointed out serious problems with modeling and surface assimilation. He also spoke of poor planning on the part of the authorities. The National Hydrology Project could help in the construction of better drains in strategic locations, adds Nando Bodha.

“If no Mauritian complies with this measure, the government will not be able to cancel them all”, said Ivor Tan Yan of Linion Moris who was facing the press on Friday. He focused his intervention on the renewal of SIM cards.

Ivor Tan Yan is against such a measure. He argued that once an operator has validated the re-registration of an individual’s card, he will have to provide these details to the relevant authority. For him, it’s an invasion of the privacy of Mauritians.

He also added that there was no need for this measure, as mobile phone operators already carry out a verification system when a SIM card is purchased.

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