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Life-Size Cast Of Princess Diana’s Hand To Be Auctioned

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Known for her charm and charisma, Princess Diana is as revered now as she was during her lifetime. Now, a life-size cast of the late Princess Diana’s hand would sell for up to 40,000 pounds ($46,046) as it has been put up for auction. 

Princess Diana’s hand cast on antique sale

Princess Diana’s left-hand cast is made of plastic and is 24-centimeter in length. It also portrays her wedding ring. The cast is set to be auctioned off at Reeman Dansie in the ‘Royalty, Fine Art, and Antiques Sale’ on November 8.

Renowned Croatian sculptor Oscar Nemon sculpted the cast before 1985, the year he died. Princess Diana was his last muse. Princess Diana was not the only royal he sculpted, his portfolio is full of members of the royal family like the late Queen Elizabeth II, the Queen Mother, and Prince Philip. The cast was made in St James Palace in London. 

Princess Diana’s hand cast a “rare and delicate beauty”

Reeman Dansie, the auction house, stated that the sculptor was “extremely rare and believed unique” as the house’s managing director James Grinter termed the cast a “delicate beauty.” Describing the sculptor to the American news channel CNN, James Grinter said, “it has a wonderful presence actually”. The house further said that the case belonged to Nemon’s assistant, sculptor Karin Churchill, before the auction.  

At the auction will also be present the right hand of former British prime minister Sir Winston Churchill, cast by Oscar Nemon. It is estimated to get up to 7,000 pounds ($8,049).

The official website of the auction house reads, “This is believed to be a unique cast of Princess Diana’s hand made during her lifetime with her permission and obvious co-operation and is therefore of great importance and rarity.” 

The auction house further explained the process involved in making the cast, it said, “The process involves placing the hand in a liquid silicone bath which then sets to create a mould from which the cast is made in plaster of Paris. Sold with a letter of provenance from the vendor.”

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