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Insalubrity: Grumbling From Parents At Grand-Baie Primary School

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Parents at Grand Bay Government School are angry. Some unscrupulous restaurant owners are putting their bins right in front of the school gates, creating a stench that is endangering the health of the pupils.

Hénry Rotile

Enough is enough! Parents at Grand-Baie primary school no longer know which way to turn to improve the situation. Despite complaints to the local police.

Trash near Grand-Baie Primary School
The rubbish left outside the school gate attracts flies and rats.

The parent of a boy who attends the school, Vishal, is exasperated: “For weeks now, the restaurant owners who operate near the school have been secretly leaving their rubbish bags at the school entrance. As well as the smell this causes, the bins attract flies and rats, both of which are vectors of dangerous diseases. It’s deplorable that the authorities aren’t doing anything about it, despite the fact that the schoolmaster and the PTA association have taken steps to alert them,” laments Vishal.

In March 2023, 124 parents signed a petition calling for the pavement to be equipped with a handrail and for a speed limit sign to be installed to ensure the safety of pupils, school staff and parents. A year later, absolutely nothing has been done, despite numerous reminders,” explains our contact.

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