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Easter Wishes: Seychelles’ Bishops Bring Messages Of Hope

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Christians in Seychelles join others around the world to celebrate Easter on Sunday in their traditional ways, unlike these past three years when there were restrictions on gatherings amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

In wishing believers a Happy Easter, the leader of the Roman Catholic Diocese, Mauritian Bishop Alain Harel, and Archbishop James Wong Mauritian-Seychellois Anglican bishop , bring a message of hope for the resurrection of the social body of Seychelles and hope to face the uncertainties of the world.

Harel said on Good Friday, “Many of us were at the foot of the Cross, contemplating, with emotion, Jesus crucified, Jesus disfigured, Jesus drawn and quartered. We were also tempted to look away. This mutilated man, hanging on a cross, calls out to us, because it brings us back to a burning issue.”

Bishop Alain Harel
Bishop Alain Harel

He said that the “crucifixion of Jesus reminds us of the suffering of so many Seychellois brothers and sisters alienated from their humanity by destructive forces. Yes, the crucifixion of Jesus continues through these 10,000 Seychellois enslaved to cocaine, crack and synthetic drugs.”

The Roman Catholic Bishop spoke about the BBC programme that covered the scourge of drugs in Seychelles and how this dramatic documentary is playing out live in so many families, cantons, and even schools in Seychelles.

He said that many citizens move forward as if in a thick fog and find it difficult to distinguish between right and wrong, between what is permitted and what is forbidden, but even more so to give themselves a goal, an ideal in life.

Archbishop James Wong of the Anglican Diocese
Archbishop James Wong of the Anglican Diocese

Meanwhile, Archbishop Wong said that the immeasurable power of God flowed into Jesus’ dead body and raised Him from the dark tomb and there is no better news for us than this.

Wong spoke about the graffities on the walls and doors of two church buildings in Port Glaud and Anse Royale and ask believers to pray for God’s forgiveness on those who wrote these words on these churches.

“This hope can be with us in every moment of our life. Believe in the mighty power of God that defeats the enemy, changes circumstances, heals sick bodies and enables us to stand strong through the storms of life. And this power is available to us in unlimited supply. […] My dear brethren, may the miracle of Easter bring you hope, peace, renewed faith, and comfort. God bless you, and may you have a beautiful Easter,” said Wong.

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