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Drunk Driver Knocks Over A Load Of Cane In Rose Belle

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A tractor-trailer with a load of cane overturned just off the Wireless road traffic circle in Rose-Belle, causing a huge traffic jam until early evening on Monday September 18. As the 44-year-old driver, a resident of Route Martinière, Surinam, was negotiating the traffic circle, his vehicle overturned on the road. The driver underwent an alcohol test, which came back positive. He had 120 micrograms of alcohol in his breath. Injured, the driver and his helper were evacuated to Rose-Belle’s Jawaharlall Nehru Hospital for treatment. The driver was subsequently arrested and placed in a drunk tank at the Grand Bois police station.

This spectacular accident occurred at around 1:30 p.m. on Route Wireless southbound, when a truck overturned on the outside lane of the road. The driver and his helper, a 20-year-old resident of the village of La Flora, were injured and taken to Rose Belle hospital by volunteers for treatment. The driver was allowed to leave with medication, while his helper went home against medical advice.

The accident severely affected traffic on the road. The owner of the truck called in a private JCB to clear the damaged vehicle and its load of cane from the road, but it was not until after 6 p.m. on Monday September 18 that traffic on the road returned to normal.

Several police teams, including officers from Rose Belle, Nouvelle France, the Emergency Response Service, the Divisional Supporting Unit and Vieux Grand Port, were mobilized on the road under the supervision of Superintendent of Police Sanil Seenanan and Assistant Superintendent of Police Rasid Warsalee.

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