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Dr. Arvin Boolell Talks About The Return To Parliament

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At the weekly press conference of the Labor Party, Dr. Arvin Boolell commented mainly on the shuffling and voting system implemented in Parliament. According to him, it is clear that there is a ‘collusion’ between the Speaker of Parliament and the political arsenal of the Executive, which is completely contrary to parliamentary democracy, and which makes Mauritius recognized as an autocratic state.

What the PTr wants, according to Mr. Boolell, is for parliamentary democracy to function freely. He called on the government to let the truth triumph by allowing more questions to be asked in search of the truth on different issues.

Regarding the new system of shuffling and voting implemented in Parliament, the red deputy said that they agree on its principles and structure, but not on the methodology of this new system. This new system is based on the principle of “One Off”. This means that the consent of all members of parliament will be required to validate the importance of an issue, otherwise it will be considered a violation of the system.

He insisted that we cannot set up a system where it is a question of whether the majority of the house agrees or not with the questions to be asked. What is needed is to ensure that when important questions are asked, they are not relegated to the bottom of the list and, therefore, not asked at all.

In the same context, Arvin Boolell suggested two options that could be implemented:

The first: a 50/50 system where issues will be divided into priority issues and priority issues of priority.

The second: review the rules of procedure, fast-tracking to two meetings per week, one of which is reserved for questions and statements.

Arvin Boolell also spoke about the increase in crime and drugs, stating that it is shocking to see so many women lose their lives in tragic circumstances.

As for Stephanie Anquetil, she commented on the incidents of the last two weeks saying that our country has been in agony with the number of babies who died in horrific circumstances, drownings, torrential rains and the double feminization of March 22. She said that the PTr condemns such barbaric acts. She added that she is concerned about the future of women and children in the country, which is on alert when it comes to abuse and violence against women and children. She also highlighted the statement of the Minister of Gender and Family, Kalpana Devi Koonjoo-Shah on the situation prevailing in the country.

Michael Sik Yuen commented on the rapid increase in prices of consumables and Eshan Joomun commented on the issue of edible oil prevailing in the country.

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