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CSG: “This Is The Biggest Scam… Legally Speaking, This Is Called Embezzlement”, Says Roshi Bhadain

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The Reform Party Leader and senior staff were in front of the press on Friday. Roshi Bhadain commented at length on the CSG situation. If the money obtained under this item has already been spent, he wondered, how will the government go about reimbursing, in the long term, the young and not-so-young who are contributing? For him, in legal terms, this is called embezzlement, because the money was taken under false pretenses.

For Roshi Bhadain, what has happened is proof of catastrophic management of the state’s finances. It’s the biggest scam of this government to the detriment of the people.

During Question Time, Roshi Bhadain said that the Reform Party advocates for the abolition of the CSG and the reintroduction of the National Pension Fund.

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