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Covid 19 : Ease Of Restrictions – Omicron Will Need To Remain Dominant

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At a time when there is concern about the possibility of a new wave of Covid 19 and screening centres across the island are being crowded, Health Minister Kailesh Jagutpal has announced in this Monday’s press conference that the government may consider easing health restrictions by the end of March. He said that “we are following the trend in Europe. If we see that there are no variants coming up in the next few weeks and the continued dominance of the Omicron variant, we will consider easing the restrictions.

More contagious but less dangerous

The Minister has reported on the observations, the decreasing presence of the Delta variant, giving way to the Omicron variant, which already constitutes 90% of the infections. “And this is already the case in Rodrigues, Delta is almost non-existent, it is Omicron that affects the island.” So if Omicron remains the dominant variant, the ministry will determine that the situation is under control, given its lesser danger than the Delta variant despite its faster contagion.

Speaking about vaccination, he affirmed that the 19 February deadline for receiving the booster dose against Covid-19 is maintained and made it clear that even a person infected with Covid-19 after his second dose, he is fully eligible 40 days after his infection.

The government is optimistic and hopes for the best. The Minister of Health was speaking at the presentation of the new regulations of the Infection Prevention Control (IPC) and on the International Epilepsy Day where the Minister recalled that epilepsy should no longer be considered as a fatality given the medical progress and the availability of drugs in hospitals. He spoke of the death of 16-year-old Jibran Chataroo, who died of a ruptured aneurysm, in addition to Covid 19. “He was already suffering from neurological problems and was admitted mainly for this complication,” the minister said.

Paranoia remains

There is growing concern in Mauritius about the rising cases of Omicron, even though this variant is less severe than Delta. The Covid 19 Testing Centres and regional hospitals remain crowded with concerned people wanting a Rapid Antigen Test. The increasing number of cases in schools is also attributed to Omicron. But despite the paranoia around this variant, this contamination is not of as much concern to the Ministry of Health, whose symptoms are similar to a seasonal flu that lasts and subsides after 5 days. But the BA.2 sub-variant is considered more severe. The Ministry of Education, in conjunction with the Ministry of Health, has announced that testing teams of 90 professionals are in operation as of Monday 14 February. However, their testing operations can only take place with the consent of the parents through a duly signed ‘Consent Form’.

3rd death in Rodrigues and 1 in Mauritius

The tenth district recorded on Monday its third death linked to Covid 19, namely Marlin Augustin Dabless, aged 72, a well-known accordionist on the island. He had already been on a ventilator for a week at the hospital in Mont Lubin. He was vaccinated with Johnson and Johnson but suffered from several comorbidities

According to the statistics announced by the High-Powered Committee, Rodrigues has recorded 252 new cases on Monday. This brings the total number of cases to 5,951, of which 2,204 have been cured. There are therefore 3,745 active cases.

The ENT Hospital has reported one new death, namely that of a 60-year-old man, who was vaccinated but suffered from comorbidities. In one week, the country has recorded 11 deaths. According to the communiqué of the ministry concerned, we have recorded 224 positive cases on Monday 14 February. 3 patients were admitted to the New ENT Hospital and 45 to regional hospitals. 988,162 people have received the first dose, 940,566 the second and 416,620 the third/booster dose.

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