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Child Abuse Case Recorded In Terre Rouge

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An 8-year-old girl who is in grade 3 at a private school reported a case of abuse she suffered at the hands of her father. In the presence of her mother, she gave a statement at the Terre Rouge police station in the early evening of Tuesday, April 11, recounting the abuse she suffered at her father’s home in Terre Rouge.

In her complaint, the girl explained in the presence of her mother, who is a teacher, that since December 2022, she has been living with her father in Terre Rouge, after her parents separated. On April 7, her mother picked her up from school because she was going on vacation. During this time, she was going to live with her maternal grandmother.

The girl had to confide to her mother who was questioning her that she was not happy with her father. Pressed with questions, she told her mother that in December 2022 her father had poured water on her head during dinner. The reason, she said, was because she was taking too long to finish her meal.  She also reported another incident that occurred in February of this year. Her father hit her on the back with a book and slapped her on her right cheek. This was because he was not happy with the way she spoke to him.

The brigade for the protection of the family seized this investigation.

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