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Cement Prices: Lafarge (Mauritius) Lowers Prices Of Baobab Mazik And Baobab 6 Cements

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Lafarge (Mauritius) has, in a show of solidarity, decided to return to the prices charged last August on two of its products: Baobab Mazik and Baobab 6. This decision was taken after the company and the Ministry of Commerce worked together on the issue of cement prices. Like the Ministry’s representatives, we believe that the construction industry is a key economic sector in Mauritius. Within this sector, the construction of individual houses, as well as small and medium-sized contractors, form the basis of the economic engine. This is why the products affected by this price reduction are the most suitable from Lafarge’s range for single-family houses, which will have a beneficial effect on construction costs in Mauritius. The new lower prices will be applied from October 1, 2021.

Lafarge (Mauritius) understands the difficulties faced by Mauritians with regard to increases in construction costs. This is why the company has decided to make this gesture of solidarity, proof of its goodwill and patriotism. Nevertheless, the company’s production costs have increased drastically over the past two years, mainly due to the devaluation of the rupee and the soaring cost of freight for imported raw materials.

The management of Lafarge (Mauritius) is pleased to have been able to establish a constructive dialogue with the Ministry and to contribute to helping Mauritians in these difficult times, but the talks will have to continue in anticipation of further difficulties expected in 2022, due to the expected increases in freight costs. The objective of the upcoming discussions between Lafarge (Mauritius) and the Ministry of Commerce should be to build an ecosystem that will allow the company to cushion the staggering increase in its production costs, in order to mitigate the impact of these increases on the Mauritian population as much as possible. This ecosystem will have to be based on concrete and constructive actions, carried out with the support of the authorities.

As Anis Dholah, Marketing & Strategy Manager of Lafarge (Mauritius) explains, “For house construction, Baobab Mazik and Baobab 6 are the ideal cements as they have been designed for this purpose in compliance with international and local standards. As part of our agreement with the authorities, we need to maintain our efforts to raise awareness and provide training around the use of cement, as each of our products is tailor-made for a particular need.”

The new prices:

Old Price (consumer) New Price (consumer)
Baobab 6 (22.5) Rs 142.40 Rs 134.60
Baobab Mazik (32.5) Rs 147.90 Rs 139.80
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