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Canada Prohibits Chinese App WeChat From Official Devices

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Canada has declared that WeChat would not be allowed on official devices.

The Chinese-owned software is commonly referred to as the “everything app” since it functions similarly to Facebook, Tinder, WhatsApp, and Amazon together.

Western governments are worried about it, though, mostly because they believe the software has the potential to be used for user spying.

Among the most popular applications worldwide is WeChat. In addition to being widely used in Southeast Asia and among Chinese expatriate populations, it is ubiquitous throughout China.

The restriction in Canada takes effect right away. Canada is also taking action against the cyber-security firm Kaspersky, which is located in Russia.

Nevertheless, according to a statement from Anita Anand, head of Canada’s Treasury Board, there is no proof that WeChat has exposed any official information. “We are taking a risk-based approach to cyber security by removing access to these applications on government mobile devices,” she said.

The applications will be deleted, and users won’t be allowed to download them in the future.

Although TikTok has drawn a lot of attention for possible security issues, WeChat, in the opinion of many security experts, presents a bigger hazard. Because fewer government workers in North America utilise it than TikTok, it gets less attention.

In 2020, former US President Donald Trump attempted to outlaw the app with an executive order, but an injunction prevented him from doing so.

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