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Canadian Intelligence Calls India A “Foreign Interference Threat”

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According to a declassified document provided to the Canadian government by the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, India was identified by the authorities as a potential “foreign interference threat” that could tamper with elections in Canada.

“India engages in Foreign Interference activities,” said a report from the Canadian intelligence agency. Nearly three pages of the report—which were fully redacted except for a single sentence alleging that India engages in foreign interference—were devoted to India, according to a report by Global News that obtained access to the declassified documents.

The Canadian intelligence report stresses on the requirement of “clearly articulated strategies.” Raising awareness and briefing officials and politicians was “central to these efforts”.

The declassified document is headed “Briefing to the Minister of Democratic Institutions on Foreign Interference” and was dated February 24, 2023. It described China as “by far the most significant threat.”

The intelligence report guided PM Justin Trudeau’s administration to “do more to protect Canada’s robust democratic institutions and processes.”

China and India were the nations listed in the report as potential threats. The report said, “We know that the People’s Republic of China attempted to covertly and deceitfully influence the federal elections in 2019 and 2021.”

India has never before been charged with meddling in Canadian elections. Charges of meddling in Canadian politics were already being brought against China and Russia.

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