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Bruneau Laurette Burns The Masks

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Following this press conference and after the Go-Slow operation and the Fuel Strike, Linion Pep Morisien made another peaceful demonstration in the streets of the capital this Friday afternoon. This time, against the wearing of masks. The participants wore masks of Dali from the series ‘La Casa de Papel’. As a sign of protest, Bruneau Laurette set fire to the sanitary mask he was wearing. He also denounced “that there is a business of masks that we have just unmasked. The purpose of this mask of Casa El Papel is to denounce the business of the government. Raouf Khodaboccus denounced that “Covid no longer exists. The population is rather suffocated by the Covid”.

Bruneau Laurette said that there is “a business of masks that has just been unmasked. It was just before the start of the march that Bruneau Laurette took off his mask to wear Dali’s mask, made popular by the series Casa de Papel. He then set his mask on fire.

Bruneau Laurette Burns The Masks

Bruneau Laurette: “We will come with radical measures”

The member of Linion Pep Morisien has issued a warning to the Prime Minister, Pravind Jugnauth for the ultimatum that expires this Friday regarding the demand to lower fuel prices. “If nothing is done, we will come with radical measures,” Bruneau Laurette said in his intervention during the first public outing of Linion Pep Morisien on Thursday night. He recalled that the ultimatum launched by LPM expires this Friday for the government to review the prices of fuel. “We asked the elected representatives on both sides of the House not to take their gasoline allowance of Rs 18,980 monthly for a while, but they do not want to leave their comfort and we insist that the prices be brought down,” Bruneau Laurette added.

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