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Bribe Of Rs 300,000 Alleged: PC Rakesh Unmar Remains In Cell

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Rs 246,000 and 5,900 euros were seized during a search of his home on Wednesday night, September 13.

Former Central Barracks Special Striking Team member Rakesh Unmar appeared in Bambous District Court on Thursday September 14, 2023 on a provisional charge of bribery. As the police objected to his release on parole, he was returned to the police cell.

In court, the officer stated that he did not understand why the police objected to his parole, as he had already given his version of events to ICAC investigators. The policeman alleges that he is the victim of a plot for revenge.

Magistrate Devinash Oozageer then questioned one of the anti-corruption commission’s investigators about the progress of the investigation. The latter stated in court that he needed two weeks to question other people in the case. Thus, to prevent the suspect from interfering with the investigation and witnesses, the prosecution had no choice but to object to his release on parole.

As a reminder, Constable Rakesh Unmar was arrested after a surveillance operation in the parking lot of a shopping center in Cascavelle. He was caught red-handed delivering Rs 300,000.

According to our cross-checks, this policeman, who has 27 years’ service with the Mauritius Police Force, led a businesswoman to believe that she was the subject of a search warrant issued by the ADSU’s Flying Squad and that he could have this cancelled in return for a payment of Rs 300,000.

Rakesh Unmar is said to have met the woman during a search by the SST PHQ, which turned up nothing. He was transferred on the orders of the Commissioner of Police to the Victoria Hospital police station a few weeks ago, after allegations of wrongdoing in another case before the anti-corruption commission.

At around 10 p.m. on Wednesday evening, ICAC sleuths raided his house in Belle Rose, Quatre Bornes. Rs 246,000 and 5,900 euros were seized from his home, for a total of Rs 529,000.

His wife, who was arrested alongside him during the ICAC’s “Sting Operation”, was released on parole. After appearing in court on Thursday, the former SST member was taken to the Réduit Triangle for further questioning. He will have to appear in court again on September 21.

The entrepreneur and her family have already provided ICAC with evidence in support of their statements. However, they wish to remain anonymous for the time being, as they have reportedly received several threats from teams of “bouncers”.

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