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Boris Johnson: Omicron ‘Plainly Milder’; New Measures Not Needed

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Boris Johnson has warned it would be “absolute folly” to say the pandemic is over – but said Omicron “is plainly milder” than other variants.

Despite a huge increase in coronavirus cases in recent weeks, the prime minister said the UK is in a better position than most other countries due to the “very, very high level of vaccination”.

New measures are not needed now in Britain to fight the Omicron variant, which is “plainly milder” than earlier forms of the coronavirus, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Monday.

However, he said despite Omicron being “plainly milder” than other variants, the NHS is under pressure due to its high transmissibility – and the public must do everything they can to help relieve that pressure by following plan B measures.

Mr Johnson, speaking at a vaccination centre in Aylesbury, said: “My view is that all the evidence [shows] Omicron is much milder, considerably milder than previous variants.

“And we are much more boosted so our position is far, far better, but I think this is what I would say to everybody: looking at the pressures on the NHS in the next couple of weeks and maybe longer, looking at the numbers of people who are going into hospital, it would be absolute folly to say that this thing is all over now bar the shouting.

“We have got to remain cautious; we have got to remain with plan B, we have got to get boosted.”

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