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Bodha : Not Convinced That An Alliance With Ramgoolam Will Win The Election

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In a press conference on Friday morning, Nando Bodha, the leader of the Rassemblement Mauricien, gave two reasons why he is not part of the discussions between the L’Espoir and the Labour Party. “Firstly, I am not convinced that an alliance with Dr Ramgoolam will win the election,” he said.

The other reason, said Nando Bodha, is that he is “not convinced” that an alliance with Ramgoolam, even if it comes to power, will bring about the radical change the country needs. Nando Bodha insisted that he has nothing personal against Dr Ramgoolam or the Labour Party.

Nando Bodha also declared his faith in the L’Espoir platform. He said that this platform has the momentum to be the engine of the much-needed change in the country. He declared that any alliance must go through the Hope agreement.

Nando Bodha says he is in favor of opening to other parties. This explains why he met with the leaders of Rezistans ek Alternativ, as well as Rama Valayden, with whom, he says, he has a common vision and shares his analysis. “There is a cry from the people, a frustration that the opposition is not able to create a common front of parliamentary and extra-parliamentary parties to generate a dynamic that can bring this change in depth, “he adds.

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