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Belarus: Government Authorises Chemical Castration For Treatment Of Pedophiles

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The General Prosecutor’s Office has stated that Belarus intends to incorporate chemical castration into the programme for treating pedophiles under a planned system to safeguard minors from sexual abuse and exploitation. Following authorisation from the Belarusian government, the agency revealed the actions on Telegram on Monday.

The interior ministry had been working on changes to the country’s criminal code that call for “compulsory treatment of persons suffering from paedophilia,” in addition to their court sentence, the statement stated.

In accordance with the action plan, the Health Ministry created and sanctioned “a clinical protocol containing an algorithm for the treatment of pedophilia, including the use of chemical castration,” the agency stated. Additionally, a system for the rehabilitation of sexual abuse victims has been developed.

The Ministry emphasised that Alexander Lukashenko, the president of Belarus, favoured tightening restrictions on anyone who had previously been found guilty of pedophilia, including the usage of electronic wristbands. The health ministry said that its work in the direction of “establishing administrative responsibility for promoting non-traditional sexual relations, gender transitioning, pedophilia and childfree ideology” was also supported by the head of state.

Chemical castration is achieved by giving patient medications that permanently or for an extended amount of time decreases their desire for sex. Some US states, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Norway, Sweden, and other nations have laws that permit chemical castration.

Chemical castration was made available in Russia in 2012 as a voluntary operation that calls for the permission of the person who has been found guilty of sexually abusing youngsters.

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