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Audit Report: 96% Of NDU Drainage Projects Have Not Been Implemented

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The 2022-2023 National Audit Report has been published this Tuesday. It was eagerly awaited. The reports reviews the expenditure and performance of the various ministries over the past financial year.

In his introduction, the Director of Audit, D. Paligadu, pointed out that despite spending Rs 178 billion, there have been delays in implementing essential projects. He cites the National Development Unit. 96% of the drainage projects, he said, have still not been implemented. “Despite expenditure of Rs 178 billion for the financial year 2022-23, there have been numerous delays in the implementation of projects that are essential to the population, including 96% of the NDU drainage projects that have not been implemented,” Dr Paligadu said.

He also said that, after analysis, the system of accountability in various ministries and Government departments is inadequate. This is, according to him, the root cause of the same problems that have been raised for at least 3 years. These include a failure to control expenditure, shortcomings in project management, shortcomings in the procurement management procedure, shortcomings in asset management and failure to comply with the laws in force! He gives the example of the 2021-2022 audit report, in which 168 anomalies were cited, and in February 2024, 67% were still outstanding.

According to Dr Paligadu, 83% of ministries and departments did not comply with Section 4B of the Finance & Audit Act, in that performance reports were not made on time, while 57% of key performance indicators were not achieved.

He also outlined the inadequacy of the existing legal framework for monitoring the allocations of Rs 28 billion to parastatal bodies, local authorities and the Rodrigues Regional Assembly in 2022-23.

He deplored considerable delays in the implementation of projects essential to the population, affecting the lives of citizens, and the lack of monitoring of infrastructure projects by ministries and departments, resulting in delays and gaps in project management.

In his concluding remarks, the Audit Director emphasised that good governance can help the public sector to improve and meet the level of performance expected of the public.

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