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Arvin Boolell Warns Against The Hijacking Of Elections

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The Labour Party’s parliamentary group faced the press last Tuesday. Arvin Boolell expressed his concerns and that of his comrades. He said that he has all reasons to believe that the Government intends to hijack the electoral process by deploying considerable resources. He said that the next general elections will be marked by money politics.

However, Arvin Boolell insisted that the Labour Party and its allies will remain vigilant. He also strongly criticised Bobby Hurreeram’s recent statements concerning Saturday’s accident on the Roche-Bois motorway. He described his comments as provocative. Minister Bobby Hurreeram said that day that the accident, where overhead bridge was damaged by a lorry, could have been intentional.

He was referring to the fact that the equipment the lorry was transporting belonged to Eastern Mix Limited, a company which have Ranjiv Woochit, Labour MP, as one of its director. It should be noted that Vikash Woochit, Director of Eastern Mix Limited, faced the press on Monday. He refuted the statements and press articles claiming that the lorry involved in the accident that led to the collapse of a pedestrian bridge at Roche-Bois on Saturday belonged to his company.

Vikash Woochit claimed that his company acted as a facilitator for the delivery of a cement pump on behalf of another company. He pointed out that it was this company that was responsible for transporting the cement pump from Port-Louis to Laventure.

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