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Alleged Threat: Ptr Deputy Woochit Questioned By CID

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“Mo presse la, to pe fatig mwa ek si to kontinye fatig mwa tro boukou mo bez twa kout ball”. This is what Rajiv Woochit, Labour Party MP for constituency N0 5 (Pamplemousses/Triolet) is reported to have said to a 61-year-old land developer on the morning of Friday February 23 in Triolet. The sexagenarian was claiming the sum of Rs 1.4 million as a 2% commission from the politician on the sale of a seven-acre plot of land in Petit Gamin, Arsenal for Rs 70,000,000, which has not been paid for nine years.   The 60-year-old made a statement of verbal threats against the MP on the afternoon of Friday February 23. In the wake of this affair, MP Woochit was questioned by members of the Criminal Investigation Division (CID) in Trou aux Biches to give a statement to this effect. However, this exercise was carried out by men from the Pamplemousses CID.

Deputy Rajiv Woochit, also known as Nitin, gave his deposition in the presence of a panel of lawyers led by Me Shakeel Mohamed. The latter told the press that his client had been framed. After questioning, the MP for constituency N0 5 was allowed to leave. If necessary, he will be called again by investigators from the Pamplemousses CID.

In his complaint, the 60-year-old explains that he had acted as land developer for a portion of residential land in Le Goulet, Arsenal nine years ago. He says he sold the seven-acre lot to Rajiv Woochit, owner of the Eastern Mix crusher. He says there was a verbal agreement between them that he would receive a 2% commission, or the sum of Rs 1.4 million, on the sale of this land.

MP Woochit Il still hasn’t honored his promise. Each time he postponed payment until a later date. The land developer said he went to his office in Fond du Sac on the morning of February 19. Rajiv Woochit refused to make the payment, saying that I had taken building materials from his company which had not been paid for. The land developer conceded that he had taken materials worth Rs 300,000 and said he had asked deputy Woochit to pay him only the sum of Rs 1.1 million. But this proposal was ignored.

The complainant says he went to his office at around 9 a.m. on the morning of Friday February 23rd. He saw the MP arriving at the wheel of his BMW, and told him to stop, which he did. He rolled down the window of his car and, for the umpteenth time, claimed to have demanded payment of his commission on the sale of the Petit Gamin, Arsenal plot. In an aggressive tone, Rajiv Woochit shouted at him, “Mo presse la, to pe fatig mwa ek si to kontinye fatig mwa tro boukou mo bez twa kout ball”.

The man said he feared for his safety, as the MP is a very influential person and he might be able to carry out his threat.

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